Diabetes in adults and children

I am specialist in all main types of diabetes, including type 1, type 2, LADA, Gestational Diabetes, insulin resistance, diabetes and pancreatectomy and reactive hypoglycaemia. Whether you want to improve your glucose levels, improve your insulin resistance or lose weight, I am here to help!    *You may be provided with a continuous glucose monitoring, if eligible.

Pregnancy and Fertility

Whether you are planning for a pregnancy in the future or trying to conceive natural or assisted methods (IVF), there is evidence to suggest that dietary and lifestyle changes support egg and spem health. We offer individual and couple sessions to support men and women's fertility.

Heart disease

Do you have a history of high cholesterol or high blood pressure? Have you had a heart attack or stroke? At Nutrition Balance, we aim to reduce the risks to your heart and overall health through updated nutritional advice and lifestyle management to have a long fulfilling life.

Weight Management

People struggle with weight for different reasons. Sometimes, we can get caught in the process of losing and gaining weight (yo-yo dieting). This is because "diets" don't really work. There is no "one-size fits all ", but a mix of dietary approaches, exercise and lifestyle tailored to you!

Supermarket Shopping Tour

A supermarket tour for a practical tutorial in healthy food shopping, shopping on a budget or having a "cook and eat" session in the kitchen.

*Available in Birmingham, UK and surroundings upon additional charge.

Educational Workshops

Being healthy means you and your team can do the best possible job at work. This is essential to maintain productivity in a global marketplace. Workers have different pressures on their bodies, minds and time and our programme is tailored to this. Get in contact to find out more about how to keep your employees healthy and productive. 

*Fees may be reconsidered if the group sessions have charity purposes